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Your first fortnight at uni bucket list!

By bzellie 26 Jul 2019

Everyone always says uni will the best experience of your life and that you'll always remember the memories you made when you're older.

So to make sure they are great memories, we've got the best bucket list for you to complete in your first fortnight to ensure your uni experience gets off to the best start!

  1. Introduce yourself to all your flatmates and to the other flats around you - everyone will be in the same boat so don't be nervous to go knocking on doors. Plus, going to fresher events is easier when you know people!
  2. Go to the freshers fair - this is where you can find out about all the societies that are available, you'll meet people on your course and plus there's always some great fresher freebies.
  3. Join a society - whilst you're at the freshers fair, go and join as many societies that take your fancy. You may not go to them all but its a great way to meet people who may not be on your course or in your halls.
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  4. Say 'YES' to everything - go to as many freshers events, you don't have to go crazy at every single one, but it gets you out your flat and will boost your confidence to go and speak to new people.
  5. Have a movie night with your flatmates - the best way to end freshers week is to have a chilled night with your flatmates, put on your favourite film, order pizzas and relax.
  6. Attend all your lectures - it may be tempting to stay in bed, but make sure you get up and go. The first two weeks tend to be when everyone makes their course friends, so attend and stay on the good side of your lecturer.
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  7. Get a uni hoodie - did you even go to uni if you didn't get a hoodie?
  8. Dress up - there's always fancy dress events, so get out your best fancy dress and rock it. What a great ice breaker!
  9. Explore campus - go out and explore around the uni and campus, have a laugh with your friends about getting lost and finding new cool hidden places.
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    Grab every opportunity with both hands and have the best uni experience!