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How To

Leicester Accommodation Survival Kit

By Liam 07 Aug 2018

There's so much that you could bring to uni, and only so much space in the car. When you've got to stock your room with everything you need to survive a year, it's easy to forget a few vital things. We hope we can help you out with this list compiled from students that lived in our accommodation here at Leicester, learning the tips and tricks to make your life easier.



Regardless of whether you’re self-catered or on the Meal Plan, you’ll still have access to a kitchen that needs stocking up. Plates, cutlery, and glasses are the obvious items to bring; as well a selection of trays, pans, and bowls depending on what you’ll want to cook. There are a few handy things you might want that not everyone thinks about:

  • Tupperware - The local Chinese takeaway is great for building up a supply
  • An extra-large plate - For pizza of course!
  • Tin foil - For cooking and keeping leftovers
  • A can opener - Beans on toast is better without the aluminium can

Your kitchens in halls already contain a kettle and microwave so you don’t need to bring these with you. You might want to wait until you get to your flat and club together to buy anything extra e.g. a toaster. You don’t want to end up with five toasters!



  • Clothes - Winter clothes, summer clothes, raincoats, jumpers, jackets, and shoes
  • Laundry Basket - You'll want some sort of basket to store your dirty clothes, it'll stop your room getting that sort of musty smell. (A collapsible basket is a good option!)
  • Bedsheets, Duvets, and Pillows - Don't forget to check the size of your bed by logging in to the accommodation portal. I recommend a double duvet, even for single beds. You can also pre-order bedding packs from
  • Personal Touches - Family photos, bunting, fairy lights (battery powered only) will make your room feel homelier. Blankets and cushions are also great for flat movie nights!
  • A Lamp - Check your accommodation portal to see what’s included in your room, lots of people miss things like this and ASDA runs out of stock quickly
  • Towels - Don't forget these!
  • Clothes Horse - Remember to open your window when drying clothes inside. Tumble dryers are available at our laundrettes
  • Stationary - Despite the abundance of free freshers' pens, you'll still need paper for notes



I've used toiletries here as a sort of 'cover-all' for anything bathroom and bathroom cabinet related.

  • Shower Gels, Shampoos, Medicines, and Personal grooming items - Don't forget you can always pick these up from a local supermarket to save packing space (ASDA for Oadby Student Village and Morrison's for City Living)
  • Prescribed Medications - These are a must to remember. It also helps to have a few cold and flu sachets on hand just in case.
  • A First Aid Kit - This is always useful to have to hand. If you ever do need first aid advice you can contact your site reception where we have first aid supplies


Please, as adorable as they are, do not bring your pets to university with you. They're not allowed in our accommodation and you really won't have the time to worship and adore them as much as they deserve.


  • ID and other Important Documents - You'll need these for all the registering you have to do as well as any nights out you’re planning on going on
  • Biscuits and a Pack of Cards - Handy for getting to know your flat, but also don’t forget to check out the massive Oadbyfest we put on at the start of the year for a great way to break the ice
  • Electronics - Your phone, your phone charger, your laptop and an extension lead to plug it all in

Anything you forget can always be purchased from the local shops, including food and toiletries. Just remember, if you’re moving in on the 22nd or 23rd September, lots of other people will be shopping too.

These supermarkets run out of stock fast so consider bringing food for a couple of nights and doing your main shop later in the week.

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