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Leave Liverpool Tidy.

By HallsLife 02 May 2019

Leave Liverpool Tidy, along with the British Heart Foundation's Pack For Good, is a city wide project that aims to re-use, recycle and ultimately reduce the amount of items going to landfill. The project collects unwanted items which are then redistributed to those in need in the local community and students. 

When Liverpool students move out of their accommodation over summer and clear out items they no longer want, lots of waste is created. But it’s not waste, as most of it can be re-used or recycled. This is where Leave Liverpool Tidy steps in to collect, sort and redistribute items. Last year over ten tonnes of items were redistributed through this project. Let’s try and donate even more this time around.

Your Hall will have a Textile Banks where you can donate anything you no longer want to the British Heart Foundation.

If you have unwanted clothes, look out for the donation banks for textiles or ask your reception staff:

  • Carnatic – top car park closest to reception in car park space nearest to reception building (New Lodge) and bottom car park in car park space closest to Rankin Hall building entrance

  • Greenbank – Derby & Rathbone Car Park

  • Vine Court – East Wing Enclosure

  • Crown Place – Peach Street Car Park or donation box in reception

  • Philharmonic Court - East Wing enclosure at Vine Court or donation box in reception

  • Tudor Close - East Wing enclosure at Vine Court

  • Melville Grove - East Wing enclosure at Vine Court or donation box at Melville Court meeting room

  • Dover Court – bike enclosure

For other items bags will be left in Halls kitchens or post-boxes The bags will be distributed from early May. You just need to fill them with unwanted items and leave them in the following places:

  • Carnatic - JCR Carnatic House.
  • Greenbank - Meeting room off reception
  • Vine Court - Donation Box at Vine Court Reception.
  • Crown Place - Donation box at Crown Place Reception.
  • Philharmonic Court - Donation box at Philharmonic Court Reception.
  • Tudor Close -Donation bin on Guilds internal street or Donation box at Vine Court Reception.
  • Melville Grove - Donation box at Melville Court meeting room or Vine Court Reception.