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Daisy Bank Halls: From a Daisy Bank Veteran

By DimitriosRA 12 Sep 2017

I arrived at Daisy Bank Halls in September 2013 to start my course and stayed there throughout my time studying at the university

Daisy Bank Hall is located a short bus ride outside the Manchester Met campus. The location is perfect for those who like being close to the vibrant city centre and the campus, but also like a bit of privacy. Travelling to and from the city centre or the campus isn't a worry as there are frequent direct links - one of the perks of living here is that you get a free bus pass!


A bit of Daisy Bank history

Daisy Bank is located at Victoria Park. A few years ago, Victoria Park was guarded at both ends of Daisy Bank Road with private guards and gates as it was just the residents who would have access to the area. Before Daisy Bank, there was a school at the site, until it was demolished in order to build the halls of residence. The fence surrounding the halls are still the same fences that surrounded the school a few years ago. There is some cool history going on around the area - if you are lucky enough to move here just grab your flat mates and start exploring.


Shopping is a (sometimes reluctant) necessity, so let me talk about your options. All your choices are within walking distance but if you are planning to buy a lot, I would advise to use a taxi or team together as a flat and get a delivery . There is an ASDA superstore about a twenty minute walk and you can find great deals during the move-in weekend. If you are looking for your daily grocery shopping look no further than heading down to Oxford Road. There is a LIDL, Tesco Express, Superdrug, PoundLand and even an international supermarket. The curry mile is also just off Oxford Road, with plenty of food options, either to eat in or take away. 


Nights Out

The vibrant night-life of Manchester is on your doorstep. Just hop on the bus and let the fun begin. The bus will take you right to the heart of the city and there, you will find something to suit any taste. The famous Northern Quarter, Deansgate Locks and also Manchester’s own Gay Village. Don't worry about being late, the buses run until the earl hours, just make sure you keep your bus pass safe!

I've lived there for four years now and I know you'll enjoy it too, just make the most of the facilities, location and your time!