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The best places to eat in MCR

By RAMariyam 04 Mar 2019

Manchester is a growing city with unlimited options to eat and dine in. If you're like me then you'd agree that food is life! I enjoy good food, good service and a good environment in a restaurant, so I've brought you nothing but the best. From fancy places that charge you £30 for a cucumber slice to affordable pancakes.

My top 3 places for celebrating an occasion or a fancy night out:

1. Vermillion
Vermilion is a three-floor labyrinth with six luxuriously designed spaces. Since 2007, Vermilion has been synonymous for its food, atmosphere & exotic experience. Vermilion is a great place to go to celebrate an occasion, i.e: birthdays. 

2. 20 Stories
20 Stories is an urban oasis at the top floor of No.1 Spinningfields (20 storeys up), where huge swathes of Greater Manchester and beyond will be visible, the restaurant is a great place for any occasion.

Did you know? Behind 20 Stories (the restaurant), there are actually 20 stories. These stories or story titles themselves hint about where the food is from, the type of people who go there, the location and anything else that makes the restaurant so unique.

SO..... who wants to have some beans on toast with a lavish view?

3. Menagerie
Menagerie dining is a relaxed sociable experience for everyone. The restaurant introduces experience at every level, featuring Menagerie performers every Friday & Saturday. Showcasing dancers, aerial acrobats, singers, sideshow acts, burlesque and contortion on their catwalk. You will not be leaving disappointed, take my word for it!

My top 3 brunch/dining places:

1.  Evelyn's Cafe Bar
Evelyn's is a neighbourhood cafe bar & restaurant set in the Smithfield Building on Northern Quarter. The restaurant is open daily from 9am till late serving the usual suspects for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a touch of the Asian continent. Alongside the Asian inspired menu, the bar serves up great artisan coffee.

My favourite?
The Buttermilk Pancakes with blueberries, real honeycomb and butter are - you guessed it - eggscellent.

2. Federal Cafe Bar
This independent coffee shop in the Northern Quarter serves brunch until 5pm, so you have tons of time to achieve your brunch goals. Bringing a bit of antipodean (that's Australia or New Zealand influence, to me and you) café culture to the Northern Quarter the Halloumi and Shrooms is the one go for here, even if you're not a veggie. (and I don't even like mushrooms?)

3. Zouk
Zouk offers Indian and Pakistani authentic cuisine served in modern, comfortable surroundings, meaning you can indulge in the most delicious food around while relaxing with friends and family. They have just recently started offering brunch, which is a bit of a revolution if you ask me and something I’d never thought I'd see – Indian brekkie. They offer a range of dishes, all with an Indian twist, including the Maharajas Breakfast and their Bollywood Benedict.

My personal fave is their Mumbai Breakfast Bun – a fried egg sandwich with chorizo and sautéed spicy potatoes served in a brioche bun. 

All in all there are some great places to discover and different cuisines to be enjoyed in MCR, but I must warn you, especially if you're a student like me, it's all fun and games hitting the fancy, lavish places to eat but make sure your bank account isn't taking a hit too. 

That's all from me yolks, enjoy.