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Quiz: What type of student are you?

By bzellie 03 May 2019

You may have realised by now that at university you will experience a LOT of different people...

That's why putting them into a stereotype is easily done.

Have you ever thought about what type of student YOU are? Take our quiz and find out exactly that...

1. You have an exam in 3 weeks, what do you do?

a) You've already started revising
b) An exam in 3 weeks? It'll be fine, I'll think about it later
c) Panic and worry that you've only got 3 weeks to revise everything
d) Not bat an eyelid and just go back to bed
e) Text your course friend and ask them for all the notes from this year

Bored Gravity Falls GIF

2. Your lecturer tells you they will hold an extra class on a Saturday for revision prep, what do you do?

a) 100% you'll be there without a doubt!
b) You don't need to go, you'll do your own revision
c) Can they put on a Sunday session too?!
d) On a Saturday, no chance!
e) You're sure you'll get the notes from someone who went

3. Your weekends tend to consist of...

a) Helping friends with revision and burying your head in a book
b) Not sure, just see what comes up
c) Catching up on class notes, triple checking that you've got everything the lecturer said
d) Probably won't see anyone, staying in bed sounds like the dream
e) Partying! It's the weekend, uni work can wait 

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4. The day of the exam arrives, what's your morning routine?

a) Get up early, go for a jog and eat a nice healthy breakfast
b) Exam? What exam?!
c) Set your alarm early so you can read your notes for the 100th time
d) Drag yourself out of bed with 1 minute to spare
e) Travel in with a friend so you can ask them the answers for all the things you still don't know

5. What's your favourite part about being a student?

a) Learning new things and developing your knowledge
b) Not having anyone to answer to, having your own freedom
c) Getting good marks and results that you've worked so hard for
d) The fact your parents aren't told if you don't attend a lecture
e) Being able to make loads of friends who are always happy to help

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Which student are you?

Mostly A's
'Know it all Nancy' - You're always one step ahead of the game and just love learning new things, anything extra you can do to develop your knowledge and skills you're all over it! Not afraid to answer in a seminar and are always encouraging others to better themselves, happy to give a helping hand where they can - you have their life together.

Schitts Creek Wink GIF by CBC

Mostly B's
No idea Nick - You're not sure what's going on most of the time but somehow you've made it this far. Your laid back style can stress other people out (Stresshead Sue) but you're quite happy dragging yourself along at their own pace. Never knowing when their exams or deadlines are but somehow you'll make it through.

Corey Vidal GIF

Mostly C's 
Stresshead Sue - Not the sort of person people want to be around when it's exam season or assignment hand-in day, you are the one first in line to enter the exam room as you frantically read through their notes even though you've basically spent all year revising! When the exam ends you're no better, asking people what they put for each answer and worrying that you put something completely different.

Stressed The Big Bang Theory GIF

Mostly D's
Casper the Ghost - For you, staying in bed is definitely the better option over attending a 9am lecture. Even though you haven't been to any lectures so far this year, it's still not something you consider doing. On exam day when they enter the room, everyone looks at you like they've seen a ghost, "does he even go here?"

Seth Rollins Goodbye GIF

Mostly E's 
Begging Barry - You always want to study with friends, you'll ask for the class and revision notes and you'll ask for help with assignments because the question just doesn't make sense. You tend to cram in all the revision for the year on the night before, an all-nighter in the library is definitely a regular occurrence for you.

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We hope this has given you an enjoyable revision break (or some procrastination), and no matter what type of student you are, good luck with those exams!

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