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Juggling your workload

By ELeyshon 15 Apr 2019

From coursework and module deadlines, to seeing friends, being in societies and – eating, sleeping and if you’re in your final year – that all important decision making about what to do next year! Here are our top tips of how to cope and get through your workload efficiently:

Plan your day; if you know you’re good at organisation and admin tasks later in the day, get it done at a time that suits you. Work out when you’re at your peak and then get to the Library at this time to maximise productivity.


Person Holding White Book Planner

Learn to say no; A polite no to friends for the 5th night out in a row will not make you lose any street-cred. Saying no to extra socials during exam season might be your way to juggle your workload more effectively too.


It's fun – to get out the highlighters and colour code your diary/wall planner with a work schedule. If you’re not a planner by nature you can schedule things in your own way. Prioritise the work that you need to get done and make sure you schedule breaks and stress busting activities such as exercise and seeing friends etc.

Joint Honours juggle

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So you sprinted to catch the last seminar of the day for your second subject and then after intense note taking - you check your iPhone calendar to realise you’re 20 minutes late for your first subject. Sound familiar? If so, give yourself at least half a day to yourself to figure out your unique schedule–it’ll be worth it to pursue your passion.

Too much? Talk to your tutor and explain how you feel. There might be a simple explanation or a way in which you can access additional support needed to meet an essential deadline. Don’t forget that CAS – the Centre for Academic Success are there to support you to perfect your academic progress – from presentations to dissertations, CAS have got your back. Check out their list of workshops here: 

Work smarter

It’s not always about the hours in the library sometimes, it’s about the quality of your work while at the library. Bear this in mind when planning an all-nighter.

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Et Voila – your guide to juggling your workload. Seize the moment, be in control and get on top of whatever you can as soon as you can. A bit of inspiration to send you on your way:
“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” Paul J. Meyer


ELeyshon is is an energetic soul who loves netball. A Welsh speaker who loves welsh cakes! A big thank you to Hannah Vincent for proofing these articles and the Welsh translation team for the translations. Diolch. Caraf bel-rwyd a phice'r man. Mawr ddiolch i Hannah Vincent am wirio a'r tim cyfieithu am eu cyfieithiadau. Diolch.
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